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NASA to acquire more Earth-Observation Data from Maxar and planet 

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According to a media report, NASA is planning to buy even more satellite statistics about Earth after a pilot program in this field well.

A report in the SapceNews stated that the agency is planning to buy more statistics from Maxar and planet satellites and is still examining data from a third firm, Spiral Global for extending the purchasing agreement. The three firms worked with the provision of data to NASA under the buying agreement made in a pilot program of October 2018. 

At the American Geophysical Union Yearly presentation conference held in San Francisco on December 10, Kevin Murphy who is the NASA’s Earth Observing System executive stated that one of the issues encountered by the agency included licensing agreements. The agreement with the firms initially allowed NASA limited publication use under the case of scientific licenses. 

According to SapceNews, Murphy said that standard scientific collaborations were license agreement inhibited. Being in a position to share information and collaborate is highly crucial. 

Murphy stated that the agency is planning to move forward with more permissive scientific license use. These licenses restrict how much data NASA obtains but allows for more opportunity sharing. He continued and said that NASA is also planning to offer more slots about every year and a half, to firms that are interested in joining the program. 

NASA in 2018 said that the data program would finance researchers in investigating whether the information taken by small slats would complement or enhance other Earth observations performed by bigger satellites operated and owned by NASA, The government of the United States of America agencies or other international groups. 

Michael Freilich, who is the director of NASA’s Earth Science Division, stated that the pilot program is an efficient and innovative method of them to get, examine and evaluate a wide private sector range Earth observation data. He added that as their very capable NASA research satellite fleet ages and more small satellites launched by the private industry, there are chances to leverage the strengths of every one of them into more complete climate sets of data.