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Astronauts anticipate watching first Starliner Capsule of Boeing launch into Space

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. The astronauts to make the first trip on Boeing’s brand Starliner space ship would not be more pleased about the days to come of commercial space trip and first launch of uncrewed Starliner on December 20. 

It is less than 24 hours until Boeing’s first CST-100 Starliner astronaut taxi airlifts. The astronauts set to make the first and crewed space projects aboard the spaceship joined Jim Bridenstine who is the NASA administrator at a news conference during the launch countdown time here at Kennedy Space Center of NASA to have a talk on the launch and the future of humankind in the space. 

Starliner is set to lift off on Atlas V rocket at around 6:36 a.m. EST (1136GMT). One can catch the lift-off live from, the courtesy of NASA. It will commence at 5:30 a.m. (EST (1030 GMT).

The lift-off of the following day (21 December), known by the name Orbital Flight Test, is an uncrewed project which will serve as a dry journey for the initial staff of Starliner send-off. The crewed project dubbed Crew Flight Test (CFT) is possible to occupy a new location in the coming year (2020).

Nicole Mann, an astronaut of NASA, who will fly on the initial crewed task of the Starliner, asked news during the Council how the team will feel about the coming days when they see Orbital Flight Test lift off. As for him, he thinks he is full of joy- but in a good way.

 The staff thinks that as they get near to the lift-off, their emotions are beginning to be filled with excitement and pride, a little bit of stress and astonishment since whatever they talk during discussions is accomplished with no worries. Therefore, 21 December is a big step ahead for the staff. It is also the next phase just before they lift off on the Crew Flight test hence they are looking forward to that in a definite manner. 

Mike Fincke, an astronaut of NASA holds the same emotions. He told the crowd at Kennedy Space Station that he is also excited, just like the other staff members. He said that the Starliner would lift off with no crew of humans; however, the anthropometric experimenting tool will be present inside the Starliner. The tool is a crash test for dummies-dubbed Rosie. Rosie will be full of sensors. The sensors will collect information on various aspects of the flight such as G-forces.