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E-Gate Solutions Market To 2026 Innovations & Competitive Analysis – Forecast

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E-Gate Solutions Market

E-Gate Solutions Market: Overview

For security purpose-gates are installed so as to avoid crowding at immigration counters and to ensure proper movement of passengers. It check the identity of passengers and allow the security personnel to assess the gesture, suspicion, and behavior of the passenger. An e-gate system confirms the identity of the passenger by using technologies such as face scanning, fingerprint scanning, and iris scanning. In airports these technologies are used both at the departure and arrival gates of the airports so as to ensure validation and verification of passengers at the terminals.

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Airports are facing security problems due to the increase in number of passengers travelling overseas. E-gates ease the security process and decrease the processing time required per passenger. Passenger processing time ranges between the check-in to the boarding of the flight. The application of automated e-gates helps in improving passenger procedures at airports and also in reducing the time spent by travelers.

E-Gate Solutions Market: Drivers and Restraints

Increased security through biometrics and improved speed through automation are the factors that driving the global e-gate solutions market. E-gates also help reduce errors from manual data entry. Improved efficiency in passenger profiling is also one of the important driving factor of the global e-gate solutions market during the forecast period. Terrorism threat is high in the aviation industry. Henceforth, a huge time is spent on security checks to protect lives of passengers. Therefore, security pre-requisites at the airports are important. E-gate systems help in the faultless verification of individuals, thereby reducing the possibility of threats.

However, security of airport is very critical, and any negligence could lead to security threats. Use of e-gates at airports ensures safety for passengers. However, there is a lack of skilled manpower for maintaining security infrastructure, which is leading to a shift toward virtualization and cloud computing. Hence, lack of technical knowledge is projected to be a major challenge for the growth of the global E-gate solutions market during the forecast period. The prices of e-gates are high this factor can also hinder the growth of e-gates solutions market. However, the rise in security concerns demand and the need to move passengers simply through airport checkpoints demand an opportunity for new technological solutions.

E-Gate Solutions Market: Key Segments

The e-gate solutions market can be segmented on the basis of types and applications, and region. Based on type, the e-gate solutions market can be classified into fully automated and semi-automated. Automated e-gate is a system that merges the latest technologies of advanced software and e-gate hardware such as border control software and facial recognition. It offers a secure and fast solution for border authorities and airports, along with a user friendly experience for travelers. On the basis of applications, the e-gate solutions market is subdivided into iris verification, validity and eligibility check, facial verification, fingerprint verification, data authentication, chip data reading, and data verification.

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The latest regulations announced by the US Customs and Border Protection agency commands the implementation of facial recognition technologies at American airports, which would lead to a major shift toward the adoption of other biometric technologies such as facial recognition systems in the coming years. On the basis region e-gate solutions market is subdivided as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America. North America is anticipated to witness high growth in the e-gate solutions market during the forecast period.

This is due to the rise in investments in security systems by the authorities of airport. In North America, the U.S. accounts for the maximum growth in the e-gate solutions market due to the use of advanced technology in the country, while Asia Pacific is also projected to contribute to the growth of the e-gate solutions market during the forecast period. Furthermore, the e-gate solutions market in regions, such as Middle East & Africa and South America are also estimated to expand due to the increase in security concerns at the airports.

E-Gate Solutions Market: Key Players

Some of the major players in the e-gate solutions market are NEC Corporation, Gemalto NV, , Safran S.A., Atos SE, e-Gate solutions Ltd., Vision-Box, Automatic Systems, Ayonix Inc., DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, IHS Markit Ltd., AOptics Technologies, Inc., and SITA Inc.