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1162479 vote.
Country USA.
Ratings 9,3 of 10 stars.
release year 1991.
Writed by Thomas Harris

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Man, that was scary. I hadn’t been so scared with a movie in quite a long time, maybe since Shutter Island. This movie has everything a good thriller needs, from the long, slow shots that hide more than what they show, to the creepy music and creepy scenarios. The mysterious dialogues in which the actors are watching at the camera are particularly good, and that sense that Hannibal Lecter is actually talking to you is difficult to forget. And Anthony Hopkins’ character didn’t get a well-deserved place in popular culture and Haloween costumes for nothing: it is by far the best of this movie. From his amazing way of speaking, to his lines, going through all the security paraphernalia around him (which undoubtedly help to create the feeling his quite a dangerous man) everything shouts “You’re gonna have nightmares with this. Not to forget the quite memorable scene of his escape, one of the highest peaks of the movie.
Buffalo Bill’s character is also pretty damn good, and every time a scene involves him you just want the scene to end before anything bad happens (which, given the character’s unstable personality, might happen at any time. The final persecution scene is heart-stopping, and is way too long for any viewer’s sanity (specially the last tiny bit with night Vision glasses.
And Jodie Foster? Yes, she is not bad. I specially like her West Virginia accent. And the fact that she is a young woman talking to an old, crazy, creepy serial killer contributes something to the movie that could never be present in Red Dragon, for example.